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Hi friends–

Special edition today.  Working on a series for the blog, but wanted to take today to ask for your special prayers for this special lady:


This is Jodi.

Jodi was in my Lifegroup at the Movement in San Marcos before we started with the Life Mission Church plant.  So picture this, everything is totally normal, we’re at Lifegroup and I’m having a conversation with her about adoption, as well as some tummy aches she’d been having.  Just a normal Thursday night.  Then, before you know it, we heard the news that Jodi had a 12 inch tumor on her ovary.  Over time, we learned that Jodi was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer.  Surgery, more tumors, transfusions, chemo, fluid-filled lungs, insane nausea….craziness.

(My info is generally coming through FB, so forgive me Jodi if I have made any mistakes).

She has been through crazy amounts of trials, more than most of us have or will ever face.  Jodi is about the same age as I am.  She is being treated at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Arizona.

Would you take some time today and pray for Jodi?  Specifically, she just started a new round of chemo after her last round didn’t receive the results they’d hoped for.  Please pray that her body responds well to the new medications, and for HEALING!  Also, if you feel like you’d like to donate toward her care, you can help her reach her goal of $30,000 HERE.

Thank you all for your prayers! If you are praying for Jodi, would you mind leaving it in a comment on this post for her encouragement?  THANK YOU!