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Love Wins


We are all about happiness in America.  Especially in San Diego.  Yesterday, as I walked through Sea World with my family and some friends, I found myself thinking about the zoo passes that we need to renew and I really can’t wait to try paddleboarding and HEY!  Maybe we can splurge and get those Disneyland annual passes for the girls’ birthdays this year (dreamland).  Being surrounded with endless entertainment options and cool learning experiences can lead to us jumping from one happy thing to the next.  It’s hard not to be happy when you’re watching two killer whales do backflips in tandem!  I mean, come on, how in the world do they get them to do that?!  “Hey, you gigantic killing machine…why don’t you just do a little twirl for me over here and I’ll give you a fish?”  Crazy.

Then, as you’re leaving Sea World you get a text telling you about Boston.  Suddenly, the theme park music fades and you look around, sickened.  The happy little world that was lighting up your baby’s eyes an hour ago goes black, and you’re reminded that evil still exists.  Ugh.

My heart just wrenches thinking about…..all of it.  The lives lost.  The families.  The kids.  The pain.  The terror.  The chaos.  The countless hours of training, dedication, travel, planning, praying and hoping that all of the runners and supporters and organizers went through in preparation for the event, marred by a senseless act.

Sometimes the real world is just too much.  We’re content in happy land and then the bottom drops out.  And it just doesn’t make sense to us.  Why would anyone want to do that?  Why don’t they all just want to be happy too?  Why do people do stuff like this?  It’s too much.

Fresh wounds need their own space.  Newly bruised spirits need compassion, not analysis.  So today let’s just “weep with those who weep” (Rom 12:15) and know that though our world is cruel and senseless, we still cherish seeds of hope.

We have hope because we know that love wins.