Green Eggs and Babyproofing.


I took baby Khlo for her 9 month appointment last week where her incredible pediatrician went casually down the checklist to make sure Khloe was meeting all of her developmental milestones.

“And, you’ve babyproofed, right?”

Immediately, my mind filled with images of rubber-edged tables and zip-tied cabinets.


I have the electric sockets covered.  Well, most of them.  I always forget to put them back in after I vacuum.

The cleaning supplies and medicines are higher than Kiara’s reach from her big stool.  Better check that….think she just had a growth spurt.

But every mom knows that no matter how much time and energy spent on babyproofing, your child will find its weaknesses.  And fast.  It’s in our nature to be curious.

“Just make sure the chemicals and medicines are out of the way.  You know about the other stuff.”

Ahh, yes.  I’m a mother of two.  I get to wear the Been There Done That badge with pride.  Moms of 3+, you’re on a whole different playing field.  Hats off to you, my friends.

I’ve done bumps, bruises and profuse bleeding.  And that’s just from my husband.

What any seasoned mother will tell you is that you’ve gotta keep them from the big dangerous stuff and train them not to get into the stuff you don’t want them to.  Let them explore.  They’re going to bump their little heads sometimes.  They’re going to gingerly make their way around and around the coffee table until one day they realize they can pull off and take steps without holding on.  They’re going to put sand in their mouths at the beach and then realize how nasty sand is and stop putting sand in their mouths.  It’s like the motto from my alma mater—-they “Learn by Doing.”


Are you playing it safe?

Are you a nominal believer who claims Christ but buffers herself from the idea of living dangerously?

Have you padded every corner, not wanting the sharpness of the gospel to penetrate your heart or to offend those from whom you seek approval?

WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE!?  Do you dare identify them to yourself?  Could you write down their names?

Do you keep shut tight every storage cabinet that might possibly be opened?  Who knows what one can find lurking in the dark corners back there.  ::shudder::

Do you close off every door of opportunity, afraid of what scary, harmful thing may be on the other side?  He could ask you to sell every single thing you own.  Move your family.  Go somewhere scary.  Step out of your comfort zone.

Would you?  Could you?

Are you willing to risk bumps-on-the-head?

Let’s take it back to the basics.  Remember Sam?


Sam had a friend.  He would not try green eggs and ham.

He would not, could not here or there.  He would not, could not anywhere.

Not on a boat, not in a tree, not in a car.  Just let him be.

He did not like green eggs and ham.  He did not like them, Sam-I-Am.

Good ol’ Sam.

“You do not like them.  So you say.  Try them!  Try them!  And you may.  Try them and you may, I say.”


“Say! I like green eggs and ham!  I do!  I like them, Sam-I-am!  I do so like green eggs and ham.  Thank you!  Thank you, Sam-I-am!”

Don’t be scared of what you don’t know.

Don’t be scared of what other people might say.

Don’t be scared to bump your head.

Surrender fully to Him. Take the covers off of the sockets and the bumpers off the edges.  Set your sights on the one whose word is a lamp to your feet and a light to your path.

Live dangerously.  Jump in the deep end.

Would you?  Could you?

What keeps you from full surrender?  Who keeps you from full surrender?  What safeguards have you put in place to keep you from living dangerously?

1 thought on “Green Eggs and Babyproofing.

  1. heather

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