Good morning, girls!

Whew, rough night around here.  After a very long weekend, it was a very long night at the Barnes Household.  Khloe was up all night long wanting to nurse.  She is such an easy, happy baby that a long night with her still usually leaves me with a smile.  This is her face to me 99% of the time:


I mean that with all sincerity.  When she was about 2 weeks old, I sat there thinking, “wait a minute…something isn’t right here.  This is too easy.”  I kept waiting for the catch, but there was not one to be found.  She could, very possibly, be the sweetest little thing in all of God’s creation.  Don’t you just love the gift of your child’s personality?  It is so incredible to see it unfold.

If you are a male reading this, would you mind stopping here? My writing is aimed at and generally only read by women, but just in case, let me just save you some semi-graphic mommy business.  Strictly ladies, please.

When Khloe was about two months old, she started doing this funky thing when she would nurse.  Kiara did it at the same age also–something in their development at that point, I guess.  Finally healed from the lovely glories of childbirth and the beginning weeks of breastfeeding, she decides that feeding time is a fun time to just check out her surroundings.  She would latch on, nurse for a bit, then unlatch and look around.  Latch, nurse, unlatch, look around.  And sometimes, latch and try to look around without unlatching.  Ouchie.  Now, this was kind of cute, but got old really quickly.  Three reasons.  The first:  latch and re-latch 50 million times equals much soreness.  Second:  nursing took foreeeever.  For-e-ver.   For-e-ver.  Third:  Since she was off and on so much, she was taking in a lot of excess air.  All of that air has to go somewhere, and what couldn’t get burped out usually left me with a gassy, fussy baby.

One day, when I was getting particularly frustrated, God intervened and spoke to me.  I was just like this little baby.  God has provided me with perfect nutrition that is available to me if I just latch on to Him.  I get distracted, however, and I break the latch and start just checking out the world around me instead of focusing on the one who gives me life.  I am off and on, off and on, off and on.  I take in so much empty air that has to get beaten out of me or painfully eliminated, and a lesson that should be learned quickly becomes painstakingly long.  If I had stayed at the breast of the one who loves me, a perfect flow would have left me full and satisfied.

Think today about what things turn your head and cause you to break away from Him.  I’m sure for most of us, the answer is “I just get busy.”  Think of ways that you can guard against this, but also press a little bit deeper.  Ask the Holy Spirit to examine your heart and show you the things that distract you from Him.

Only six hours until naptime….I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…..Zzzzzzzzzzzz



3 thoughts on “Latching

  1. Carly Taufaasau

    Thank you for your encouragement. I love reading your blog. It is so sweet and kind. Just what I needed to hear.

  2. Lindsey Adams

    Love it! Harper was literally JUST doing this this morning. Thanks for reminding me that even my seemingly mundane mommy moments can point me straight to God 🙂


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