Exposed Hearts

Our worlds have all changed in the last 7 days.  Now, when I go to drop off and pick up Kiara from preschool, I have to ring a bell and get buzzed in.  I love it.

One week ago, our nation was rocked by the news of the massacre at Sandy Hook.  To be honest, that first day, I saw the headlines and decided not to read any more.  It was just too much to take in.  What happened was beyond description.  A heart-wrenching tragedy.  Afterwards, however, I found myself thinking a lot about the way we respond to news like this.  Children die and are killed all over the world, all the time.  As of October, nearly 2,000 Syrian children had been killed in uprisings there alone.  Why is it, then, that the collective consciousness of our world, and our nation in particular, was so deeply moved by this incident in particular?  Gun control?  Mental health?  Good vs. evil?  Video games?  Maybe.

I think, though, that the more comprehensive answer is FEAR.  Think about the Facebook posts you see at the beginning of each school year about moms crying and stressing and dreading taking their babies to school.  We do it because we know it’s good for them, but as the saying goes, “having a child is like having your heart walking around outside of your body.”  Parenting is a balance of intense love and intense worry about lack of control, which is rooted in fear.

When those precious babies went to glory last week, our hearts resonated with the parents who lost them like a perfect pitch to a tuning fork.  It’s one of the hardest things a mommy has to do– entrusting the care of her child, who no one loves more, to another.  It’s against our nature.  It’s why Solomon knew who the baby’s real mother was (1 Kings 3:16-28).  Every mom’s worst nightmare is that something would happen to her child.  And we have to put our trust in a crumbling system in a fallen world and pray for the best (all of you homeschooling moms right now are saying…..NOT US! Haha.)

The good news is, as believers, we have nothing to fear.  We can move forward boldly in what God has designed for our children, knowing full well that He works out everything for our, and their, good (Rom 8:28).  Placing Him at the center of our lives and releasing our fear over our children can be a difficult thing to do.  As believing parents, our prayers have to transform from “please, don’t let anything bad ever happen to my baby” to “please work in my child’s life in the way that brings you the most glory and my child the most good.”  That transformation comes from faith, and faith is not something we have to muster up ourselves.  Faith is a gift from God (Ephesians 2:8-9) that comes from hearing the Word of Christ(Romans 10:17).  Lose yourself in Him, dear mommies, and sleep peacefully tonight knowing that we serve a very, very good God.

3 thoughts on “Exposed Hearts

  1. Katie Yee

    Sweet Amy! This message couldn’t have come at a better time. I actually had this exact revelation this morning. I didn’t want to bring my girls to school because it is 12.21.12 and I was fearful that people would act stupid and do something evil and crazy. I went so far as to have my mother-in-law all set to watch them for the day. However, for the first time ever, my girls begged me to let them go to school. For whatever reason they really wanted to go. I realized at that moment that I had a choice; I could teach them to live in fear or I could show them how to live in faith! I choose faith over fear and when I kissed them goodbye I thought “What ever God has planned for them is going to be amazing and way more then I could ever imagine and that I need to let him do his job.” Your amazing message just completely confirmed my thoughts and I am so glad that you are sharing this with everyone!! I am jealous for your faithfulness and passion!!! Love you!!

  2. Becca Gonsalves

    You couldn’t have said it better…FEAR! When I heard about the shooting my first thought was “that’s it….I’m pulling my daughter out of preschool (an amazing school that she loves) & I’m home-schooling!” Then I was reminded a little saying ” Are you mothering out of FAITH or FEAR???” Yikes, it was fear!!! Now if I can’t put my faith & trust in the very God who created the heavens & earth, who knows how many hairs are on my head, who knitted together all my babies inside me, then I might as well just take my kids & put them in a bubble!!! It’s natural for us as Mommy’s to want to protect those little one’s & maybe even worry about them. I actually think God designed us that way for a reason because it forces us to put ALL our faith & trust in HIM. I’ll still have my fears in mothering, but my faith in God is bigger than those fears 🙂


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