A Dedication

Father, you are life to me.  Bless your name.  You are bigger than anything I know how to describe.  I am so in awe that you saved me.

Sovereign Lord, I know what you’ve told me is true.

I love you so much.  Help me to love you more.  Thank you for the wisdom you’ve given me.  Please, give me more wisdom.  Let this place glorify your name and yours alone.  Destroy the “me” in it and make it all about you.  Forgive me for when I make it about me.  Let me be your empty vessel.  Guide my feet and keep me from stumbling.  Hold me accountable to you.  I’ve fought this too long and you’ve called me out on it.  Do with me whatever it is you are pleased to do in your good wisdom.  Glorify your name.  Then glorify it again.  Bless you Father.  In the name of your son Jesus.  Amen.

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